Nickname Jandy
Sex Male
Blood type A
Marriage married
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  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. (All 5 photos) Yesterday 18:42
    • 20191019昼食 B3091257-220C-4B64-9F16-EFF749A6A206
    • 20191019おやつ 6668565C-53D0-4EC2-AC71-913FC18682BD
    • 20191019ウエストポーチ1 56360520-625C-4584-92E8-14BE5C6514FF
    • 20191019ウエストポーチ2 D85E18E4-40CD-40F8-865B-B162CAB1BBCF
  2. Jandy
    registered a photo. Yesterday 7:30
    • 20191019朝食1 FA97D842-B7BC-4B1E-B69F-76BF6D43D9E7
    • 20191019朝食2 74A6C992-5A98-4B53-AEA0-11B66CA22DC6
  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. 10/18(Fri) 18:04
    • 20191018夕食 7D25F394-0D62-4274-9874-66CB862359C2
  2. Jandy
    registered a photo. (All 5 photos) 10/18(Fri) 16:17
    • 20191018ジーンズ1 E54EA754-7F95-4551-A78A-AAC905AF3B18
    • 20191018ジーンズ2 281B93F0-EEB1-472F-843B-FBA7D4A61BDC
    • 20191018昼食 76B00E95-13A4-4E92-8F94-D7FD26930145
    • 20191018オレンジ 8738DF21-A9ED-4F04-8159-41A2FCDCA524
  3. Jandy
    registered a photo. 10/18(Fri) 7:46
    • 20191017おやつ 14A43095-C76A-4B1C-9F79-A94AA60F29DA
    • 20191018朝食 B94D6E4F-EE34-41C1-A1D6-3F7D318499CE

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